No longer male-dominated, health and fitness gyms often have relatively equal numbers of men and women these days. There has been a proliferation of advertisements for fitness instructors and personal trainers in the last five years. The interest in reality TV programs and social media sites promoting the benefits of clean eating and exercise has reached historical heights.

We are undoubtedly a culture focused on health, and arguably no other time in history has seen such a refocus of the population on their own health and bodies. Phrases like “carb-free”, “gluten-free”, “dairy-free”, “supergreens”, “coconut water”, “aloe water”, “slimtea”, “detox” saturate popular media and likely generate more feelings of confusion, guilt, and resentment in those attempting to improve their overall health. We’ve been told, walking is equivalent to jogging, and then told 10min of jogging is better, only to be told it doesn’t really matter-just get moving! We are inundated with mixed messages perpetuated by a culture of social media obsession.

In over 30 years as an athlete, Sam has endured all of the latest crazes and trends with respect to the diets and aesthetics of what is considered ´optimum fitness’ and how to achieve it. It is a testament to his experience and knowledge that Sam has maintained an enviable physique well beyond his retirement from formal competition. Working with Sam, you will work on not only your physical strength and fitness but also your mental resolve. Through physical training pushing the boundaries of mental limitations. When mental strength is improved, the physical will follow.

See below the personal training services Sam offers, and read testimonials from Sam’s clients.


One on One. Up Close and Personal

  • One on one sessions are typically run for 30 minutes. Clients are required to arrive 10 minutes before their session, be adequately ‘warmed up’ and ready to begin on time.
  • Sessions can be conducted at a variety of locations arranged prior with Sam

Group Sessions and Bootcamp

  • Group sessions can be organised and tailored to the specific group needs, with respect to the number of people included, the nature of the training, and the time and location for each session.


1. What is the secret to having a great body?

“It depends on what you mean by “great body” I guess. All three of: food intake, training and rest have to go together. They are complimentary.”

1a. But how do I do this?

“There is a general process that you must go through. This is how I approach the question.”

    • Trusting your trainer
    • You will not have results straight away, it takes time.
    • Faith in what you do and what you are being asked to do.
    • Look within yourself.
    • It is not just about what kind of trainer I am, it is about what kind of client are you? Do you respond to positivity or tough love?
  • GUTS
    • You have to have the guts to turn up and take on the challenges set at the best of your ability.
    • You need to be prepared to be challenged and to push to be the best version you can be.
    • You should ask yourself
      • Where are you at now?
      • Where do you want to be and is this realistic?
    • Being honest with what you can achieve is often the most challenging. Although this is somewhat part of the appraisal process, being honest with yourself about your own physical strengths and weaknesses can be confronting.
    • Genetics and your natural form are very important to consider when developing your goals for training. Working with what you’ve got rather than working toward something you can never have will be more rewarding than feeling terrible all the time about something you cannot change.
    • I have a thick waist. No matter how hard I train, or how lean I have been, I have always had a thicker waist. However, I also have naturally very responsive biceps and trapezius muscles. I have to be careful with training them because I can very quickly look like the hulk.
  • TIME
    • Don’t kid yourself, a great body is not bought, it is developed over time.
    • Some people will say “Im paying you to get me the body I want” or “Im paying you to be a top fighter”, my response to this is that you are paying me for the opportunity to earn that body or become a top fighter, but you have to commit to the process and invest in your own outcome. “Being your own success will guarantee your success.”

“These key tasks can be remembered with the acronym F.I.G.H.T. When you get stuck, go back to any element of this acronym and reassess it to promote your motivation and get back on track. Have you lost your faith, your guts, or your time? Let’s do it together. Let’s FIGHT.”

2. Do you only train people looking to become professional or amateur fighters?

“Not at all. I train everyone and anyone.”

3. What type of training will get me the best results?

Sam is a firm believer in the power of balance and moderation. Not necessarily one to jump onto the latest craze bandwagon his philosophy is simple “everything in moderation”.

This philosophy holds for diet and for training.

“Hours and hours solely lifting weights is not going to give you the body you want, and it won’t mean you are super strong. Similarly, pounding the treadmill without strength training will emaciate you before giving you that toned body you want”. His perspective of the most beneficial training does not differ for men and women, younger or older individuals, but rather is tailored for the goals of the individual.

Rather than specialising in only one type of training technique, Sam is known to adopt an eclectic approach. He draws on his martial arts training when creating a cardio routine. He will then mix elements of cross fit to conditioning and strength core training. Finally you may be sparring with Sam himself as he refines your coordination, balance and technique.

4. When and where do you conduct your training?

  • Primarily out of venues in North Melbourne, and Moonee Ponds.
  • Morning, afternoons and evenings are available.
  • Outdoors.

4. What is it like to train with you?

  • First session is an appraisal of your fitness level irrespective of why you are seeking training (.e.g fitness or fight technique)
  • Each session we will then work on strengthening your physical and mental weaknesses so that in the end, you are your own coach trainer and cheerleader. So that you can take the tools and continue your journey. “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.



It’s been two years working with Sam I have seen amazing improvement in my kickboxing and overall fitness. I have learnt so much from him and it has been an exciting journey. I am deeply proud to be one of his students and it has been an absolute pleasure to share this experience with him.



Working with Sam has been an absolute amazing experience for me. He’s an awesome person who has taught me a lot about kickboxing. His way of teaching is great, not to mention tough, but that has only pushed me to the best of my ability. I’m very grateful for all that he’s done and very proud to call myself his student.



My daughter began training with the champ at age nine. All she had was a big dream. Two years later she has the confidence, tenacity, and technique to match. I could not imagine a better mentor and coach.



Over a number of years my kids have had the privilege of working with some of the finest coaches in the country, from state and national level boxing, judo and freestyle wrestling coaches, Olympians and commonwealth champions, to highly touted professional fighters. What sets Sam Greco apart is his ability to draw from many decades of experience as a world class athlete, and tailor that knowledge to help the individual achieve their goals. When it comes to personal training Sam Greco is my gold standard.



When I met Sam 12mths ago I hadn’t even put boxing gloves on before nor thrown a jab, punch or kick – this was not a world that I knew… we are working through preparing me to be fight ready & step into the ring as a force to be reckoned with, later this year – I have even completed a fighter’s training camp in Thailand, which would not have been possible without the confidence & various techniques/ skill set I have learned from working solidly with Sam

What sets Sam apart from other trainers….I don’t just see Sam as a PT or Trainer, he is my Coach – we work together to clearly understand the basic fundamentals in techniques/ combinations & how I can apply them, gage instinctive reaction timing, use solid transfer of movement to move efficiently & be the better fighter…it is not about a class setting run by other trainers where one can hide bad technique & habits or only give 50%….we commit to giving 110% every session to maximise on the learning content & train like a beast…. there lies the difference between Sam & the rest!