In a world rich with “motivational” speakers, “self-help” gurus and “life coaches”, it is easy to feel inspirational fatigue. As a society we are inundated with messages of positivity, and with the epidemic of social media obsession it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by mixed messages. For example, advice to “be opportunistic” is contradicted by others that enforce the value of “proper planning”. Another notion is to “put it all on the line”, which goes against the notion of a “healthy work life balance”.

In a world of such messages there is one man that is standing up to cut the drama: Sam Greco. Sam’s “I AM A FIGHTER” campaign, goes beyond simply motivating an individual to initiate change and encompasses all of the life skills and mental strength needed to become what is most important in life: Being the Best Version of Yourself. No matter what stage of life you are in, no matter your age, capabilities, passion or goals, being your best will ultimately govern your happiness.

As a multiple-year World Champion fighter, Sam is uniquely placed to do so. He adopts his fighter’s ethic in every aspect of his professional and personal career, whether it be his Speaking roles, business or physical training ventures. His approach is refreshing in a world that focuses on the individuals own strengths or weaknesses, as he focusses on the convergence of not only your personal identity, but how to use your strengths to combat what is inevitably the ups and downs of life. Don’t kid yourself, you will only know how strong you are when faced with your greatest adversity.

Sam’s extensive career that includes professional Fighting, hospitality and food services, entertainment and performance, being a husband, father and mentor, can offer a unique perspective for your business. When engaged to provide a keynote address, Sam is able to tailor the message of his address for the needs of the particular business.

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I would like to thank you on behalf of the Programmed team for being an integral part of the ASBA Property Managers Group presentation on 27 Nov 2015

Whilst the day was an opportunity for Programmed to showcase our knowledge and expertise in the fields of audio visual and electrical, as our keynote speaker, you made it much more than that.

Your presentation was interesting, insightful, challenging and personal. All of the aspects that make a great speech.

We were privileged and honoured to have had such a great Australian as yourself address us and you managed to leave everyone in the room enriched for your shared perspective on life and its challenges. This in turn made our event a great success.

We hope you too enjoyed the day and look very much forward to working with you again in the future.


Business Development Manager, Programmed Electrical Technologies

After spending over 10 years on-air in both TV and radio in Australia and the UK, there are few things I value more in an on-air partner than professionalism.

In recent times I have called a number of fight shows around the country for both Fox Sports and internet PPV.

Sam Greco is without doubt one of the most professional broadcasters I get to work with. I look forward to working with Sam every time we’re scheduled.

Sam is widely respected and has a unique combination of 30+ years fighting experience, youthful enthusiasm and an uncanny ability to call the play before it even happens!

Sam carries himself professionally and is very well spoken, he would slot in to a network media role without a problem.



We approached Sam Greco because we were putting together a conference between our buying group members (independent owners of Industrial Supply House Distributors) and our national suppliers (of construction, mining, industrial and engineering products and services) and we were looking for that special ‘key’ to bring them together as a team.
We knew we needed to deliver a strong message relating to having belief in one’s self, the value of strong leadership and the importance of team building and development. What we knew of Sam, heard about Sam and what he went through with us before we engaged him for the gig was enough for us to know he would deliver when the time came.
The result was exceptional. Through his story – which he aligned and presented to our requirements – Sam delivered a knockout blow that provided everything we were looking for and set the foundation for the rest of our conference.
His ability to work with us and adapt his inspirational story to reinforce our message to all the delegates (and for many, their partners) was beyond our expectations and we would recommend Sam Greco to anyone looking for an inspirational key note speaker.


Managing Director, Construction Supply Specialists P/L

We would like to sincerely thank-you for your most inspiring and motivational Presentation to the NAFDA Foodservice Group at the Chefs Table Luncheon Event on Saturday the 22nd October 2016.

Our Members enjoyed listening to you sharing your story and life journey with them.
You left everyone feeling reflective and energised. We were amazed at what you have endured and the drive and commitment you have.

Congratulations on a meaningful, powerful and very impressive talk given.


NAFDA Food Service Group

Just wanted to drop you a line and say – BLOODY GREAT EVENT OLD MATE.

I must admit to being a little concerned along the way, as this was a bit of a departure from what we have done in the past, but there was no need to worry as you performed exceptionally well and we got everything we wanted from you and your presentation.

The ‘after party’ discussion was all about you and the message you delivered which rounded out the whole theme of our meeting. Kingscliff 2016 for us was another big step in the evolution of the group and you played a vital part in it.

Very much appreciate your dedication to the event and the work you put in.


Managing Director, Construction Supply Specialists P/L